Amazon listing Guidelines – Step By Step Guide

 I have tried my best to get every possible knowledge about Amazon listing Guidelines and I think still I am in the struggling phase and trying to get a good grasp over things. I think I must share the knowledge whatever I do and whatever I think of. So, basically, I have devised a 30 pages document with the title of “Amazon Listing Guide.” I believe you will find almost everything in it. For all that, I have used certain authentic sources and attached those sources to each chapter and topic (if in case something goes wrong). I have tried my best to keep all those chapters stepwise. Let’s check the chapters of the document or Amazon listing Guidelines:
Chapter 1. Keyword Research: It will probably our first step before going for listing.
Chapter 2. Amazon Listing MetaData: How do we collect data from competitors for content and images.
Chapter 3. Amazon Detail Page Rules: All the rules, policies, SOPs, restrictions, approvals, and some information regarding gated categories.
Chapter 4. Amazon Listing: Title, Bullet Points, Description, Images, EBC/A+ content rules, SOPs, and tips.
Chapter 5. Search Terms: Some rules with examples that how do we do backend optimization.
Chapter 6. Listing Optimization: What are the rules for doing listing optimization whether front end or backend. They are explained in this chapter.
Chapter 7. Listing Creation: Once you are done with the above aspects, you create a listing and you will find every step regarding listing creation whether listing with a variation or without variation.
Chapter 8. Amazon listing Guidelines Listing Report: How do we get the category listing report by opening up a case with Amazon. Explained!
Chapter 9. BTG and Inventory File Templates: What is Browse Tree Guide, how do we assess it, and what are inventory file templates. Explained!
Lastly, I have added some Miscellaneous Chapters with no explanation but certain links to each chapter because there were tables and it was difficult for me to create a table for each. Therefore, you may find out those also.
Miscellaneous Chapters:
  • Product Size Tiers
  • FBA Fulfillment Fees for FBA orders
  • Packaging and Prep Requirements
Each chapter about Amazon listing Guidelines is attached with certain sources and links, in case someone wants to go into detail. However, each chapter has important explanations and points. It is 30 pages guide and if one of you thinks that it needs improvement and some addition, I will do that. I want to make it a refined guide for everyone, as it will be a little contribution from my side. Looking forward to hearing the feedback on it. Before reaching out to me for sending the document, please go through the first comment. I will recommend opening up document through PC/laptop.
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