What are University of Birmingham Global Masters Scholarships?


Are you looking to study at one of the top universities in the world? The University of Birmingham Global Masters Scholarships has been awarded five stars out of five by QS and four stars out of five by THE World University scholarship  Rankings in recent years, showing that they’re a university with both prestige and excellence. Whether you want to specialize in medicine, art, or business, there are over 200 master’s degrees offered by the University of Birmingham online and on campus that could be right for you—and there’s never been a better time to apply! These scholarships could also help reduce your tuition costs as well.

Open to Students Worldwide

If you are a university student anywhere in the world you may be eligible for one of these scholarships. They all have their own different criteria, so please check them out here and see which ones you could apply for. The scholarship application process is not a quick fix, so plan on being dedicated to your studies and research.

Before you begin any research on how to obtain a UoB masters scholarship make sure that you check with your advisor as well as find out if your school already has an agreement with UoB. Also keep in mind that many other universities will have similar agreements with UoB, just do some more research on your local schools before applying. Good luck!

Award Value: Up to £2,000

The scholarships will be tenable for two years, and will be awarded to those who demonstrate a genuine commitment to developing their international experience by studying abroad, and in particular to those who have not previously studied overseas. Each scholarship will cover approximately £4,000 towards tuition fees. The scholarship will be awarded at £2,000 per year provided that: – The scholarship holder successfully completes a taught postgraduate degree at Birmingham (with a minimum annual tuition fee of £4,500) within 3 years from 1 September 2013; or – has been admitted onto an MSc or PhD programme starting between 1 September 2013 and 31 August 2016.

Deadline: 30 June 2022

As a graduate student in one of our eligible programmes, you’ll be eligible for an additional scholarship, over and above any other scholarships and awards you may be eligible for. The University’s Global Masters Scholarship is valued at £16,000 (€20,000) to cover tuition fees for your two year master’s degree. This award also provides annual maintenance support for two years of study at £14,000 (€17,500). This means that after you have met your initial course fees during your first year of study (£8,500 or €10,500), any additional fees can be covered by these awards if they apply to you.

Scholarship Criteria

The University of Birmingham has joined in partnership with Deutsche Bank to fund a series of scholarships designed to support students from developing countries who wish to pursue their postgraduate degree. This scholarship programme aims to provide opportunities for those students whose studies might be affected by their financial circumstances.

To be eligible, candidates must already have successfully completed their undergraduate degree and be seeking admission into a full-time masters course at The University of Birmingham. Students applying for the scholarship should also demonstrate leadership potential and contribution towards society. Only nationals or residents of countries classified as developing will be considered.

Benefits of University of Birmingham Global Masters Scholarships

As an international student you need to cover your tuition fees and living costs. This can be a major concern for anyone looking at study abroad, whether you have a scholarship or not.

The funding benefits are there to help with these costs, ensuring you can stay focused on your studies without worrying about where your next penny is coming from. The funding will allow you to support yourself whilst at University and we want you to be able to afford everything from food and rent, through travel and insurance, all the way up to textbooks and course materials. Depending on how long or short a course is will determine if students receive just one or two payments in one term or three payments for each term that they study.

Future Career Opportunities

The program covers full tuition fees, travel to and from United Kingdom, on-campus accommodation, health insurance and a monthly stipend. The British Council has offices in over 180 countries that provide support with visa information and applications. Within 3 months of graduating students will be eligible for employment in any country. This can give international students valuable experience which is an asset when applying for jobs after their studies have finished.


Official Scholarship Website: https://www.birmingham.ac.uk/international/students/global-masters-scholarship.aspx

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